Windows Software Callibration

Modified on Thu, 08 Oct 2020 at 11:32 AM

Your Athena system is an incredibly precise platform, that can be calibrated to your specific location to ensure accuracy. You should follow the steps below anytime your system is moved (even if it's just a few inches), and anytime the system isn't working as expected. 

Step 1: Press Play

To start your system, click on the play icon to turn on the cameras (if the cameras are on, you can skip this step). 

Step 2: Align the 2 video screens (Config ALG)

  • Once the system is setup and playing, the thermal and visual camera fields of view need to be aligned
  • Click on “Config”
  • Click on “Config Alg” 
  • Click on the “Crop” icon
  • Adjust the blue box on the visual camera’s image to match the thermal camera’s image
  • Click “Save and Close”

Step 3: Config HSRP

  • Once the system is setup, the infrared camera and HSRP need to be calibrated

  • Click on “Config” > “Config HSRP”

  • Then click “Get Temp”

  • Drag the green plus sign to the middle of the HSRP

  • Confirm “HSRP Temp” is the same number as on the back of the HSRP

  • Click “Save”

  • Click “Close”

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